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Adams Grad Pic

Independent Study, Homeschooling


Distance Learning.

These forms of alternative education are legal in all fifty states. How it is accomplished can vary within each state, according to their laws, policies or statutes.

Schools offering independent study, homeschooling or distance learning should consider the impact on their students and families of the acceptability of their diplomas or certificates by other school, colleges, military, universities or trade/career schools


NISAC provides schools an opportunity through membership to increase their acceptability.


Accreditation is certification by an auditing organization verifying a school successfully demonstrated the necessary standards for directing students in accomplishing appropriate learning expectations. Institutions which desire to participate in this on-going, self-improvement process display a professional attitude for quality education and upstanding business ethics.

Accreditation is an opportunity for a school to improve the quality of its program and service to its constituents. Undergoing a self-study is important for any program to maintaining its integrity and reputation.

Accreditation is a non-governmental peer review. It is a self-governing accountability process to verify the philosophy, goals, purpose, and good faith of a school and its staff.


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